Why I'm Running

Ashley was elected to serve on the Hawai'i County Council in 2018. She provides effective leadership when we need it the most.

Ashley is born, raised, and educated on Hawai‘i Island, so she is a product of our island community. Over the last four years, Ashley has put her community-driven and small business experience to work on the County Council, catalyzing projects, policies, and programs that uplift Puna, our island, and its people.

During her first two terms Ashley's already made a difference. From securing funding for a statewide green jobs program and providing leadership for Puna’s eruption recovery to securing funds for a County housing production program and passing legislation to address vicious dog attacks, Ashley takes action.

With the future of Puna and our island on the line, the district needs a representative who can revitalize the community with vision and vitality. Ashley is building bridges and bringing people together so Puna can finally get its fair share of resources and services.

As we move forward into the future, we need a representative who is lifted in spirit by opportunities, not worn down by issues.

A new generation of leadership is rising. Ashley is a bright, energetic, and inclusive leader who works with community to foster rewarding opportunities to learn, work, and create close to home, while keeping our island a special place.

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